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Why do joints pop and crack?

Oftentimes we get asked by patients, 'why do joints pop and crack.' This week, Robert Seiberlich, Osceola Medical Center's rehab manager, explains three reasons why you would experience these noises and when you should discuss it with your health-care provider.

OMC works closely with orthopedic and sports medicine providers from Twin Cities Orthopedics, which has earned a reputation for excellence that has placed them in the top 5% in the nation. The expertise of our orthopedic specialists includes the treatment of

  • sports injuries,

  • bone fractures,

  • joint replacements,

  • arthroscopy and

  • other orthopedic problems.

Our specialists are also highly skilled in a variety of distinctive sub-specialties, such as minimally invasive surgery, hand care and carpal tunnel surgery, and foot and ankle treatments.

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