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OMC's Wild River Fitness is another way we support the overall health and wellness of our community.

Wild River, Fitness, Osceola, Hospital, Gym, Clinic, Doctor
Zumba Fitness Class, Wild River, Fitness, Osceola, Hospital, Gym, Clinic, Doctor
Wild River, Fitness, Osceola, Hospital, Gym, Clinic, Doctor

OMC's Fitness Center

This non-profit fitness center was established in 2003 by a group of local fitness enthusiasts and the YMCA of Greater St Paul. Two locations and several years later, the Osceola Medical Center took over operations changing the name to Wild River Fitness. With the help of the Osceola Medical Center and the community, Wild River Fitness opened its doors to a 24/7 facility in February 2012.

Wild River Fitness is a part of a unique health care campus that includes the medical center, senior housing and a new public fitness trail. Taking advantage of these entities allows the fitness center to provide fun and effective workout options to family members of all ages and interests. Our 16,000-square-feet of space is complete with a full line of state-of-the-art cardio, strength and free-weight fitness equipment, as well as separate group exercise rooms for fitness classes.

With great equipment, wonderful classes and incredible workouts, Wild River Fitness has what you’d expect from a fitness center, but is so much more than a gym. We provide benefits for children, teens, families and seniors. As a member of Wild River Fitness, you’ll have access to fitness equipment, health seminars and fitness experts that go right to the heart of improving your health and the health of our community. Our success is simple, really: healthy living, healthy lifestyles, healthy community.

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