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OMC receives quality award

Osceola Medical Center’s recent recognition for its success in achieving zero surgical site infections, a highly touted industry standard for quality of care, is part of a regional effort to reduce patient harm events.

OMC is one of more than 80 Wisconsin hospitals participating in the Great Lakes Partners for Patients Hospital Improvement Innovation Network. Since 2016, these hospitals have been working together to reduce patient harm events, like surgical site infections, and improve the culture of safety for staff and patients. The project promotes learning best practices in quality from across the country, and the opportunity to collaborate with other improvement teams to share how they have made strides toward achieving zero harm, according to Beth Dibbert, Chief

Quality Officer for Wisconsin Hospital Association. WHA partnered with the Illinois Health and Hospital Association and Michigan Health & Hospital Association in creating the Great Lakes HIIN.

“Preventing infections requires a multidisciplinary approach, and multiple best-practice strategies. WHA is proud to support and recognize hospitals like Osceola Medical Center,” Dibbert said. “Wisconsin’s culture of collaboration allows hospitals of any size to succeed in patient safety and quality.” Brenna Joachim, OMC’s Surgical services Manager, echoes the multidisciplinary aspect right down to surgery room details as well as patient involvement.

“Zero surgical site infection rates are achieved and maintained at OMC by linking a range of precautions before, during and after surgery,” Joachim said. From patient education on healthy diet and pre-surgery preparations to surgery suite traffic control and surgical site surveillance, “the entire team comes together to help ensure a successful experience,” she said.

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