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Tara Olson, MSN

Family Medicine, Walk-In Clinic


"My philosophy of care is built on personalization and compassion. I strive to first listen and understand my patient’s concerns, then develop a plan of care together that meets their needs and puts them on a path to better health. I enjoy partnering with patients to empower them to achieve their wellness goals."

Length of time at OMC: Started Early 2023

Why do you like working at OMC? I like the small, close-knit feeling of OMC and their commitment to their community. It's a place where I can truly make a difference.

What is your philosophy of care? I believe in a personalized approach to healthcare, where listening and understanding are the first steps to effective treatment and patient empowerment.

What do you like to do when you’re not at OMC? When I'm not at OMC, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our 2 kids, biking and hiking around the area. I'm also an avid volunteer at my kids' schools, a reader, a baker, a yoga enthusiast, and a gardening hopeful.

Fun Fact: I grew up on a dairy farm near La Crosse, Wisconsin, and cherish the opportunity to work in a community that feels just like home.

Tara Olson, MSN
Walk-In Pediatrics, Women's Health, Family Medicine

Education: MSN, Family Nurse Practitioner (University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh), BSN (University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire)

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