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Healthy Food

The Farmhouse Cafe

OMC didn't want a typical Hospital Cafeteria for our employees and guests, we wanted to try something different. In 2023 we hired a new kitchen manager with the vision food inspired by our local farming community. 

The Farmhouse Cafe will offer fresh, healthy, and delicious food options to the OMC staff and visitors that anyone would be excited about. You'd never guess it came from a hospital.

Our Cafe's new menu is being developed and rolled out over the summer of 2023, starting June 12th. 

More to come on this exciting new food adventure!

CCH, Christian Community Homes, Osceola

Patient Dining

Our long-time partner CCH provides patients with healthy meals when they stay with us. Their services take into account the patients health needs and doctor recommendations to ensure delicious and safe meals delivered to our patients at their convenience.

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