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Patient Portal

Osceola Medical Center is excited to announce the implementation to a new electronic medical record system, AthenaHealth, designed to offer you more online capabilities and access to your health care than ever before. Meet Athena and get answers to your questions before we go live.

Patient Portal

Patient Portal is a secure, online health management tool that connects Osceola Medical Center and Scandia Clinic patients to portions of their electronic medical record, allowing you to view clinical information online. This information includes allergies, immunizations, past and upcoming appointments and certain test results from clinic visits.

Manage your health care 24/7

Patient Portal is a secure, online health management tool that allows Osceola Medical Center patients to manage their health care 24/7. This information includes:


  • Request and view appointments

  • Access test results and health information

  • Pay or view your bills

  • Send messages to your health-care team

  • Speed up your registration process with Self Check-In*
    *Self Check-In allows you to complete your health forms and registration, you must still register at the desk upon arrival.

  • Check symptoms online before coming to the ‘doctor’ through our Healthwise Symptom Checker.

How to register for Patient Portal

Register in the clinic or at home in 3 easy steps.


Go to the client portal.

Click Sign up today to create a new account. Then you'll be asked to enter your name, date of birth, and contact information.


Get Your Temporary Password

We will send you a temporary password by email, call or text. Enter the temporary password.


If you receive a temporary password in the clinic today, make sure you complete your portal registration before leaving the office because this password will expire.


Set Up Your New Password

Your password must be 8-20 characters and include one upper and one lower case letter as well as one number or symbol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register for this service online?


The patient portal is available for anyone (not just patients) interested in this service. Call 715-294-2111 or talk to your health care team at your next appointment, if you have any questions.

What happens if I register and do not receive an email?


The likely reason for this is that your email was not entered correctly. Please call Osceola Medical Center at 715-294-2111 to verify your email address. If the address was incorrect, the staff will update it and resend the email to you.

What if I think the information in my medical record is incorrect or incomplete?


As a patient, you have the right to make a request to amend your medical record by submitting a Request to Amend form (in PDF) to our Medical Record department for review.

Why isn’t the patient portal showing my most recent visit?


In most cases, your records are updated immediately. However, in some situations a three business day turnaround is necessary. Please allow five to seven business days after your visit for all the information to be uploaded. If you feel the information should be displaying, contact Medical Records at 715-294-5726.

How can I send files or attachments through the mobile Patient Portal?


Download instructions - in PDF

If you have a video visit scheduled with your healthcare provider and would like to send photos or documents prior to your appointment, you can do so on your mobile device. Please do not use this feature to send any intimate photos to your provider. If clothing needs to be removed to take the photo, please call 715-294-2111 to schedule an in-office visit.

Please follow the below instructions to send one or more secure attachments to your provider through the Patient Portal mobile web browser.

  1. Compose a message
    Sign-in to the Patient Portal on you mobile device. Tap "Messages" then select "Compose Message".

  2. Fill out key information
    - Provider: This dropdown will populate providers that you have an upcoming scheduled appointment with as well as providers you have seen in the past.
    - Location: Select the location for the provider you’re messaging. The options in the Location list are the departments the providers work in and is used to route the message to the appropriate receiver. - Message Type: Select the type of message, such as Medical question, from the options provided in the dropdown.
    Note: Based on the message type you select, other fields may appear. For example, if you select "Prescriptions and refills a field for "Prescription" appears with a list of options from your medication list.
    - Subject: Enter a brief summary of the purpose of your message.
    - Message: Enter your message details.

  3. Add attachments and send
    Tap Attach files, then select the appropriate file from your mobile device.
    Note: You can attach up to 10 files, but you must attach each individually. If you attach the wrong file, you can delete it before tapping Send message. Please do not attach password protected files.Tap Send message when you’re done. The message is routed to the appropriate provider, and you’ll receive a “Message Sent” confirmation.

What is an electronic medical record (EMR)?

An EMR is a computerized version of your medical record that will include your medical history, contact and insurance information.


Will I have to provide my personal information every time I visit Osceola Medical Center?

No. You will not have to provide your complete history at each visit. Once you provide your medical history, contact and insurance information at your first visit after implementation, it will become part of your electronic medical record. At future visits you will simply have to verify that your information is correct, which you can complete online prior to your appointment.

How will this change affect me?

Improved patient capabilities and better patient flow throughout our services are two reasons why Osceola Medical Center and Scandia Clinic are converting to a new EMR system. But the benefits are numerous including:

  • Improved Patient Portal with user-friendly software

  • Greater control over appointment reminders by selecting phone, email and/or text message

  • Faster registration and rooming with Self Check-In. With Self Check-In, you can update your contact information, health forms and insurance before your next scheduled appointment.

  • Pay your bill faster than ever with Self Bill Pay in the Patient Portal

Why do I need to take a patient photo?

Having an updated patient photo linked to your electronic medical record helps us verify your identity. At OMC, patient photos will be used to properly identify a patient to help:

  • Improve patient safety

  • Reduce the chance of medical identity fraud

Can I schedule or cancel my appointments online?

After you are registered in the Patient Portal, you will be able to schedule annual physicals and well-child checks online. Otherwise, you can request all other clinic appointment types online.

What is Self Check-In?

In Patient Portal, you will have the capability to Self Check-In to your scheduled appointments to speed up your registration process. Self Check-In consists of:

  • Updating your contact information

  • Verifying your health insurance

  • Completing your health history form

Note: You still need to check in at the registration desk upon arrival.

Self Check-In Instructions

  1. In the appointment reminder email, click "Confirm Appointment" or log into the Patient Portal.

  2. Next, confirm your email address, enter your password, and click "Check In".
    Note: If you can't remember your password, click Forgot your password?

  3. The Appointment Details appears next. Confirm your appointment details, enter any questions for your provider, and click "continue".

  4. Check your contact information and click "Continue".
    Note: If you'd like to receive text message notifications, select Yes under "Would you like to receive text alerts?"

  5. If you have an outstanding account balance, a copay, or both, the Billing Information will appear. Check the boxes for the charges to pay and select your payment method. Click "continue" and a message confirms your payment was received.
    Note: If you select "I have questions about my balance," you can ask your questions at the time of your appointment and pay your balance then.

  6. If the practice has any consent forms for you to sign, the "Consent & Privacy" section appears. Click each form listed on the left to review and update.
    - To sign each form, enter your full name in the signature box at the bottom of the window and click Sign. You can also click "Sign at the Front Desk" if you prefer to sign the form when you arrive for your appointment. After you sign all the forms listed on the left, click continue and a message thanks you for completing online check-in.

  7. If your provider has set up any health history forms for your appointment, they appear as links in the window. Click the links to complete the forms in the Patient Portal.


Note: After completing the Pre-Appointment Self Check-in, you will still need to notify the registration desk when you arrive for your appointment. Pre-Appointment Self Check-in can be completed on a mobile device as well.

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