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Angela Fjerstad, PA-C

Family Medicine, Surgery


“My approach to medicine is very direct, I try to explain things in a clear and concise manner to the patient. I use analogies frequently in an attempt to make my explanations more clear.”

Professional Interests & Specializations: I have specialized in gastroenterology since graduation in 2008. I have subspecialized in esophageal disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, gastroparesis and liver disease.

About MeLength of time at OMC: Before coming to OMC in 2022, I grew up in Kasson, MN, which is a small town 15 miles west of Rochester, MN. I went to college at St. Olaf in Northfield, MN. After college I moved to the Twin Cities and was a manager at Aventis Bioservices before taking a job as a clinic assistant at Minnesota Gastroenterology. I decided to go to PA school in 2006, and graduated in 2008. I returned to Minnesota Gastroenterology in Bloomington, MN from 2008 until 2018. At that time, I transferred to the GI Department at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center and I still am employed there part time. I also cover the urgent care for Healthpartners. My husband and I moved to Saint Croix Falls in January of 2021.

Why do you like working at OMC? I love the close community at OMC. Everyone here has been very kind to me, genuinely excited for me to join the team and has gone out of their way to introduce themselves. I feel like I am truly part of a team here. Everyone strives to help each other and provide the best care for patients possible.

What is your philosophy of care? My approach to medicine is very direct, I try to explain things in a clear and concise manner to the patient and may use analogies to make my explanations more clear. I welcome questions from patients as I firmly believe that if I cannot answer a question, I should find the answer. I also believe I should be fully able to explain the rationale behind any testing or treatments I order. I also strongly dislike running late in clinic, I believe the patient’s time is just as valuable as my own and make every effort to keep my clinic moving without sacrificing patient education.

What do you like to do when you’re not at OMC? I am married and have two dogs. I love spending time with them. I also love to cook pasta from scratch and I love gardening. My husband and I moved to St. Croix Falls so that we could have more land for gardening and also my husband is a woodworker and enjoys making chairs and other furniture. He does that with hand tools and likes to harvest the tree himself.

Fun Fact about me: I am active in Brazilian jiu jitsu and teach kids class for this in Eagan, MN.

Angela Fjerstad, PA-C
- Gastroenterology since graduation in 2008.
- Esophageal Disorders
- Inflammatory Bowel Disease
- Gastroparesis
- Liver Disease


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