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When to Seek Treatment for my Back or Spine?

Our interventional pain specialist can discuss back pain treatments with tips to help get back to the life you love.

No one wants to be in pain. When your back hurts and prevents you from enjoying your life, you want treatment that makes you feel better and gets you back to the life you love. An interventional spine specialist can discuss the array of pain treatments offered at Summit with tips to help you evaluate your options.

Questions to ask that help make an informed decision about a recommended treatment.

  • Ask your doctor about his or her experience with treating your condition. How many times has the doctor performed the treatment being recommended? It is important to know if your doctor done two procedures, or 2,000. When it comes to injections and especially surgeries, you want someone who does three of these procedures every week—not three procedures every year.

  • Ask about any problems or significant complications your doctor may have experienced performing this procedure. If there were complications, how were they addressed?

  • Finally, ask if your doctor would recommend the procedure for a family member. If a doctor is suggesting a treatment that he or she wouldn’t recommend to a family member—why?

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