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Colonoscopy Screening

Colorectal cancer usually has no symptoms early on, when treatment is most successful. That’s why screenings are so important. You should consider having a colon screening if you:

  • are 50 or older,

  • have personal history of ulcerative

  • colitis or Crohn’s disease, or

  • have a family history of colorectal cancer.

Colon Screening Types

Individual recommendations may vary based on personal and family health history. Below are the most common screenings to help prevent and detect colon cancer. Work with your health-care provider to choose the right option for you.

Fecal Immunochemical Testing (FIT)

Recommended every year to help detect blood in your stool, which could signify cancer or large polyps. This screening:

  • uses a stool sample that is collected at home.

  • may require a follow-up colonoscopy, if test detects blood in the stool sample.

  • Estimated cost: $10 to $30*

Stool DNA Testing (Cologuard®)

Recommended every three years to check for certain abnormal sections of DNA from cancer or polyp cells. This screening:

  • may appeal to those who want to be screened, but do not want to undergo the preparation required for a colonoscopy.

  • is used on people with an average risk for colon or rectal cancer with no personal history of pre-cancerous polyps, colon or rectal cancer, or other colon problems.

  • may require a follow-up colonoscopy, if test shows possible cancer or pre-cancer cells.

  • Estimated cost: $500 to $700*


Recommended every 10 years to examine your large intestine using a colonscope to check for any abnormalities. This screening:

  • is the most accurate in detecting colon and rectal cancer, as well as other colon problems like inflammatory bowel disease.

  • detects and removes polyps for further testing.

  • Estimated cost: $4,000 to $6,000*

*There are many factors that effect the cost of a service including a patient’s age or weight, insurance coverage, and third-party processing. Your health insurance may cover some or all screening tests, so contact your health insurance to learn about your coverage. For a detailed estimate, contact our Patient Account Representative at 715-294-2111.

Video On-Demand Colon Screening

In this 30 minute webinar, Dr. Tony Nguyen, MD explains the importance of colorectal screenings and the screening options available to you.

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