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Lanette's Hip Replacement Story

After a hip replacement at 45 years old, Basketball Coach Lanette Johnson can now enjoy the sport pain-free.

Throughout her life, Lanette Johnson – mother of five, occupational therapist and life-long farmer – was your typical do-it-yourselfer. She remodeled and shingled their family home and completed farm chores on a daily bases. She first started noticing problems with her hip when daily tasks such as walking down the hallway at work, getting up off the couch and bending over to do yardwork became difficult. “I will not forget the pain I felt whenever I attempted to flex my hip,” explained Johnson. “I tried physical therapy and a cortisone injection, but realized that it was not enough to keep me as active as I needed to be.”

The year Johnson committed to coaching her daughter’s basketball team, she knew that she needed full use of her hips to demonstrate basketball maneuvers. At the age of 45, Johnson decided to have her left hip replaced before her daughter’s basketball season started. “My hip replacement surgery was in October and I was ready to go by the beginning of the season,” reflected Lanette. “Because of my joint replacement surgery, I was able to finish coaching them through their 8th grade year and continue to enjoy playing on our court at home to this day.”

With the success of her last surgery, Johnson is looking to replace her right hip soon so she can continue keeping up with her kids and take on her next big remodeling project.

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