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Back to School means Back to the 'Doctor'

No matter what grade your child is heading into, there’s a back-to-school checklist that every parent is familiar with – shopping for school supplies, filling out permission slips and scheduling your child’s comprehensive physical exam.

While the last one may not seem as urgent or as well known, adding a physical exam to the annual back-to school list is one of the most important things parents can do to protect their child’s health.

A healthy childhood and adolescence calls for balancing home, life, school and social activities. That’s not easy, especially during a time when a child is passing through years of growth, learning and exploration, as well as emotional and physical development. These changes are important signs to overall health that can indicate problems before symptoms actually appear. At your child’s well-child check, our family medicine provider may:

  • Check height and weight to monitor growth and development

  • Perform a head-to-toe physical exam

  • Give any needed immunizations

  • Discuss how to keep your child healthy and safe

If you are interested in being proactive with your child’s health, schedule their physical exam at Osceola Medical Center call 715-294-5680.

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