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Chronic Care Management


The OMC Chronic Care Management Program aims to help Medicare patients manage their general health and wellness.

Patients that have two or more chronic conditions can feel overwhelmed at the idea of managing their health by themselves. The CCM program involves a team of health care professionals working together with your optimum health as the goal your health.


A team-based approach, with you at the center, ensures that you are in the driver’s seat, making informed decisions that you are happy with.


Your team of clinicians care for your physical and mental health care needs, including prevention and wellness from acute to chronic care.


Your health care team works together for the best results and the best care for you.


There is strong, simple communication between you and your health care team.

Quality and Safety

Being highly reliable is at the center of your health care team’s goals. We want to help you make informed decisions about your health.

The program can help:

  • Reduce your costly emergency room visits.

  • Make you more comfortable when you transition from hospital to home.

  • Lessen the burden of chronic disease in your life.

  • Coordinate the care you need by connecting the clinicians and services that will benefit you and your health.

Gives better control of chronic illnesses, like diabetes, high blood pressure, or obesity.
Betters understanding of medications and their effects.
Exposes more cost-effective health care as a result of improved preventative care.
Coordinates patient with their healthcare team.


You’re in charge of your own healthcare. Your primary contact in the CCM program is your Chronic Care Coordinator. Open communication with your Chronic Care Coordinator helps us address any issues that may arise.

Your responsibilities as a patient in the CCM program include:
  • Completing regular check-ins with your Chronic Care Coordinator.


  • Reporting any progress and effects of current medication on a regular basis.


  • Communicating any new symptoms, illness, or concerns you may have right away.


You will have a close relationship with your Chronic Care Coordinator who will:
  • Work closely with you and your healthcare team.

  • Be your advisor and educator, helping you understand your medications, diet, activity and overall lifestyle.

  • Answer any questions that arise. Provide the resources you need.


Once the patient deductible is met, Medi-care Part B covers this service at 80%, just as they would cover any face-to-face visit in the office.


Most supplemental policies cover the remaining cost. For those with participating secondary insurance policies, once the Medicare deductible is met, this program is available at no cost.


Patients without a supplemental policy, or who have a secondary insurance policy that does not cover CCM, would be billed their 20% coinsurance cost.


We’ll answer any questions you may have and enroll you in the program. Once you are enrolled, a nurse will review your medical history, and will be well prepared for your first conversation.

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