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One of the most important aspects of your recovery from an injury, illness or surgery – and helping prevent re-injury – is getting your strength back. Our Rehabilitation Services specialists are highly skilled in a variety of therapy services. Our goal is to ensure that your body is retrained properly so you can resume your active lifestyle. Our therapists are also cross-trained between disciplines to provide you with more comprehensive care.

Our Rehabilitation facility offers a bright and spacious area for your therapy. Exercise equipment includes treadmills, an elliptical machine, recumbent bikes, stationary bikes and steps, and equipment specifically geared to cardiac and pulmonary patients. We have private therapy rooms, a massage room, treatment bays, and a shower and changing area.


We specialize in:

Cardiac Rehabilitation to assist a person in improving strength, endurance and confidence after the diagnosis of an acute heart problem. This two phase program includes Inpatient & outpatient education and therapy. 


Massage Therapy to help improve muscle tone, release chronic muscular tension and pain, and promote faster healing in injured muscular tissue. 

Occupational Therapy to assist a person in promoting independence in daily activities, help increase strength and motion in the arms, and help relieve pain and prevent disabilities or deformities.


Physical Therapy to help restore motion and relieve pain, and help strengthen and retrain muscles. It also helps prevent the onset and progression of functional limitations, and promote healthy living through exercise.


Respiratory Therapy to evaluate, treat and care for patients with breathing or other cardiopulmonary disorders.

Speech Therapy to evaluate and treat people of all ages with communication problems.


Sleep Studies to help identify and treat common sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy and Restless Leg Syndrome, as well as sleep problems as a result of shift work and less common conditions.

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