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As a woman, you have unique healthcare needs that can require specialized attention. Our specialists in obstetrics and gynecology work closely with your family physician to provide the comprehensive care you need at every stage of your life.


In addition to our specialist, our family medicine providers have also developed an expertise in Obstetrics. If you choose a family medicine provider, you will be able to have your regular provider throughout all of your prenatal appointments and, 95 percent of the time, during your delivery as well.


Because our providers are trained in family medicine, you will be able to maintain a long-term, trusting relationship with a provider who understands the entire scope of your families' health needs, history and concerns before, during and after your pregnancy.


We can help you with:

  • pregnancy and pre-natal care

  • breast care

  • contraception

  • adolescent healthcare

  • screenings

  • counseling and minimally invasive surgeries

  • hysterectomies

  • laparoscopic tubal fulgerations

  • diagnostic laparoscopies,

  • c-sections,

  • and hysteroscopies with endometrial ablation

Emily Walden, MSN/Ed

Amanda Tembreull, MD

Nicole Smith, MD

Jennifer Belisle, MD

Erika Helgerson, DO

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