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Specialist Spotlight - Dr. Schmiesing

Today, we're excited to introduce Dr. Andrew M. Schmiesing, an orthopedic surgeon who's making waves right here in Osceola, Wisconsin.

From Stillwater to Osceola: Dr. Schmiesing's Journey

Dr. Schmiesing, a Stillwater native, is no stranger to the sports field. A former athlete at Stillwater High and a pro baseball player with the Minnesota Twins, he's turned his love for sports into a career in orthopedics. This makes him an indispensable asset to the OMC team as he's not just a doctor; he's a sports enthusiast who understands athletes inside out.

The Orthopedic Calling

After completing his medical degree at Eastern Virginia Medical School and residency at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Schmiesing found his true calling in orthopedics with one goal in mind -- help athletes and active individuals stay at the top of their game.

Patient-Centric Care: Dr. Schmiesing's Philosophy

For Dr. Schmiesing, it's all about you – the patient. He's dedicated to creating a positive experience and ensuring you leave with more than just medical advice – a smile.

Life Beyond the Clinic

When he's not in the clinic, Dr. Schmiesing is out embracing the great outdoors with his family, staying true to his athletic roots and love for nature.

Dr. Schmiesing's expertise in sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery, combined with his approachable nature, makes him a key player in our OMC and Twin Cities Orthopedics family. We're all about keeping our community healthy and active, and Dr. Schmiesing is pivotal in this mission.

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