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OMC Welcomes the First Babies of 2024

As the new year unfolds, Osceola Medical Center is thrilled to announce the arrival of our New Year's babies for 2024, Mariana Mae Goodman and Travis James Braml. These little ones have brought a wave of joy to the St. Croix Valley, symbolizing new beginnings and hope.

Mariana and Travis: Our New Year's Stars

Mariana, our first girl, was born on January 4th, followed by Travis, our first boy, on January 5th. Their arrival has been a beacon of happiness for their families and the OMC team.

Heartfelt Thanks to Our Community

This celebration was made even more special by the generous support from our local businesses.

We extend our deepest gratitude to:

- Bill’s Ace Hardware

- Hiawatha National Bank

- OMC Pharmacy

- Midwest One

- Osceola Cleaners

- Osceola Sun

- Prairie Gifts

- Studio A

- The Looking Glass

- Subway

- Chocolate Gnome

- Wild Violette

- Trollhaugen Ski & Snow

- Limitless Treats

- Osceola Auto Body

- Complete Automotive

- Fiesta Loca

- Croixland Leather Works

- Village Pizzeria

- Coming Home

- Dicks Fresh Market

- Family Resource Center SCV

- The Secret Closet

- Valley Spirits

- Style Escape

- American Pie

- Niki Slate Photography

- Dominos

- OMC Marketing

- Kumlien Chiropractic

- RM Tack

- Dallas House

- Big Rock

- Midwest Machinery

- Wild River Fitness

- Dairy Queen

- Kwik Trip

- Tippy Canoes

- Lucky Panda

- Federated Coop

- Osceola Lanes

- Watershed

- FNC Bank

- Nancy Jensen

- The Cookie Cottage

- The Staple

- Osceola Area Ambulance

- Carquest

- Cowboy Adventures

- Fawn-Doe-Rosa

- Josh's Mini Donuts

A Community United

As we celebrate Mariana and Travis, we're reminded of the strong community spirit that defines the St. Croix Valley. At OMC, we're proud to be part of these moments that bring us all together.

Here's to a year of health, happiness, and community at OMC!

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