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Cold Weather Leg Pain?

As the weather changes, you might be experiencing more leg pain while moving outdoors. What’s causing this, you might be asking yourself?

While the research is still out on the exact cause, many believe that during cold months the body tries to conserve heat by sending more blood to organs in your body’s midsection, such as your heart, lungs and digestive organs. As a result, your body sends less blood to your legs, knees, and other joints. This can cause joint and blood vessels to restrict which makes legs and knees colder and stiffer. Pain and discomfort are the result. In addition, pain can increase significantly during activity or when putting pressure joints while running.

If you are only experiencing leg pain while exercising and moving in the cold, you have many options to avoid leg pain by keeping your whole body warm while moving outside. If you continue to experience pain despite stretching and keeping your entire body warm, you may benefit from further discussion with an orthopedics expert. Contact an OMC Nurse Navigator today to discuss your joint pain and schedule a consult today.

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