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Celebrating National Rural Health Day: Osceola Medical Center's Commitment to Rural Wellness


Today, as we celebrate National Rural Health Day, we at Osceola Medical Center (OMC) take immense pride in being a critical access hospital nestled in the heart of Wisconsin's St. Croix Valley. This day is not just a celebration but a reflection of our unwavering commitment to the health and wellness of our rural communities. As a beacon of healthcare in a rural setting, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with serving our area.

OMC's Role as a Critical Health Hospital

Rural America, encompassing 19.7% of the population and 86% of the land area, presents unique healthcare challenges. As a critical access hospital, OMC is at the forefront of addressing these challenges. Our comprehensive services, including a Family Practice Clinic, Walk-In Clinic, and Emergency Department, are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our community. We understand that rural health is not just about treating illness but about nurturing wellness in every aspect of community life.

Innovative Healthcare with ClickClinic In our quest to deliver cutting-edge healthcare, we introduced ClickClinic, a revolutionary platform that offers fast, affordable, and on-the-go care. This service exemplifies our commitment to innovation, ensuring that quality healthcare is just a click away for our patients. ClickClinic has been a game-changer, especially for those who find it challenging to visit a clinic due to distance or time constraints. It's not just about convenience; it's about extending our care and expertise to wherever you are.

Promoting Wellness Beyond Healthcare

At OMC, we believe that wellness extends beyond the walls of our hospital. This belief is embodied in our initiatives like the gym, inclusive playground, and walking path. These facilities are more than amenities; they are vital components of our preventive health strategy. The gym, with its state-of-the-art equipment, encourages physical fitness, while the inclusive playground and walking path offer spaces for families to bond and engage in healthy activities. These resources are our investment in the overall wellness of our community.

Supporting the Community and Local Businesses

Our commitment to health transcends medical services. We actively support local events and businesses, fostering a sense of community and mutual support. By participating in and sponsoring local events, we not only contribute to the local economy but also strengthen the bonds that make our community resilient. These partnerships reflect our belief that a healthy community is built on the foundation of strong local relationships.

Celebrating Our Dedicated Staff

None of our achievements would be possible without our dedicated staff. Their passion for rural health and their exceptional skill set are the driving forces behind our success. They embody the spirit of OMC, bringing not just professional expertise but also genuine care and empathy to every patient interaction. On this National Rural Health Day, we celebrate their dedication and thank them for their invaluable contribution to our mission.


As we observe National Rural Health Day, let's remember that rural health is about more than statistics and services; it's about people and their lives. At Osceola Medical Center, we remain committed to enhancing the health and wellness of the St. Croix Valley, proudly serving as a cornerstone of rural healthcare. We invite you to join us in this celebration and to experience the compassionate, comprehensive care that OMC offers.

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