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Kim Reynolds-Solar, LCSW

Integrated Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Substance Abuse


"I believe in meeting individuals where they are at, creating a safe and supportive space to foster growth and healing."

Length of time at OMC: Newly joined in early 2024.

Reason for Liking Work at OMC:" I chose to work at OMC because of its commitment to providing comprehensive care, right here in Wisconsin where I live.

Philosophy of Care: "My approach to care is centered around understanding and empathy, ensuring each person feels heard and valued in their journey towards better mental health."

Personal Interests: "When I’m not at OMC, I enjoy vintage shopping, listening to live music, and exploring the beauty of nature through hiking."

Fun Fact about me: "I have three cats and am known for my great sense of humor."

Areas of Passion: Mental Health Advocacy, Holistic Approaches to Therapy

Kim Reynolds-Solar, LCSW
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Relationship Issues
- Personality Disorders
- Substance Abuse

Education: - Bachelor of Social Work from UW Milwaukee - Master of Social Work from Loyola University

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