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Massage Therapy is one of the oldest forms of therapy, and can be an integral part of your health.

Massage works on the soft tissue of your body – muscles, tendons and ligaments – to help improve muscle tone. Although it largely affects those muscles just under the skin, its benefits may also reach the deeper layers of muscle and even the organs. Massage can be used to help release chronic muscular tension and pain, and can promote faster healing in injured muscular tissue.

Our professionals use Integrative Therapeutic Massage which incorporates Swedish, Esalen and deep tissue techniques. Acupressure techniques are also used.

Massage Therapy Services

30-Minute Session: $40
This session uses traditional massage focused on a specific tension area. 30 minutes

60-Minute Session: $70
Treat yourself to a full-body massage or dedicate this extended session to specific areas. Either way, you’ll leave feeling restored. 45-60 minutes

90-Minute Session: $90
Need more? This session gives you even more time for your full-body or dedicated area massage. 80-90 minutes

Chair Massage: $20
An invigorating stress reliever during your busy day. Long enough to be revitalized, but short enough to fit into even your most hectic schedule. 15 minutes.

Massage Packages: (Each package limited to the same individual.)

3 - 30-Minute Sessions $102.00 (save $18.00)
3 – 60-Minute Sessions $178.50 (save $31.50)
3 – 90-Minute Sessions $229.50 (save $40.50)
6 – 30-Minute Sessions $204.00 (save $36.00)
6 – 60-Minute Sessions $357.00 (save $63.00)
6 – 90-Minute Sessions $459.00 (save $81.00)

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