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OHS Students Donate Low Blood Sugar Kits to WRF

Alivia Maki and Paetynn Bliese, Osceola High School students, recently donated low blood sugar kits Wild River Fitness as a part of the “Why Wait” program. From left to right: Osceola Medical Center’s Diabetes Care team Chelsea O’Brien, RDN; Lorri Lutz, RN; Sara Harris, RDN; High School Student Alivia Maki; High School Student Paetynn Bliese; and Fitness Center Manager Sara Cutts.

Wild River Fitness is shining light on diabetes thanks to a donation from Alivia Maki and Paetynn Bliese, Osceola High School students.

This year, Maki and Bliese participated in the “Why Wait?” course at Osceola High School, where participating students help tackle a problem in the world. During the program, these girls focused on raising awareness about type one diabetes by making low blood sugar kits readily available throughout the community. This project hit close to home for Bliese since her father struggles with this disease every day. “I see firsthand the struggles and dangers associated with type one diabetes.” explained Bliese. “Untreated low blood sugar can be dangerous, so our goal was to have a source of glucose nearby for a diabetic emergency.”

Nearly $1,000 was raised, allowing the girls to purchase and restock low blood sugar kits in churches, libraries and gyms throughout the community.

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