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OHS Student Donates Pain Care Kits to Osceola Medical Center

Osceola High School junior Kiera Williamson recently donated chronic pain kits to Osceola Medical Center as a part of the “Why Wait” program at the Osceola High School. From left to right: OMC Specialty Clinic Manager Ben Sackmann, Williamson and OMC Clinic Manager McGee Smith.

Osceola, WI – Osceola Medical Center is shining light on chronic care thanks to a donation from Kiera Williamson, an Osceola High School student.

This year, Kiera Williamson participated in the “Why Wait?” course at Osceola High School, where participating students help tackle a problem in the world. During the program, she wanted to “provide resources to people suffering from chronic pain and multiple sclerosis in our local community.” Williamson was inspired by her grandmother who struggles with multiple sclerosis every day. “I saw her struggle everyday with simple tasks. She went on medication, received injections and even went through surgeries,” Williamson explained. “Through her battle she has always been supportive of me and my cousins, showing up to sporting events and pushing us to be a positive influence on others.” Williamson goes on to explain that she wants to shine a little of her grandmother’s light to help support others dealing with chronic pain.

Williamson raised nearly $2,800 through donations and homemade rice bags sales, allowing her to create 65 chronic care bags that were given to OMC. These bags, with help from local chiropractors and rehab experts, include gift cards to local restaurants, sugar-free snacks and lavender-infused bath balms designed to ease the pain and discomfort of their disease.

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