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Community-Wide Diaper and Human Milk Drive benefits families in the St. Croix Valley

Raising a baby can be stressful with the late nights, lack of sleep and common illnesses. When parents can’t afford basic needs for their child, it can become dire. That is the situation for one in three families in the United States who report having a diaper need.

“Diaper needs occur when a family struggles to provide enough diapers to keep their child clean, dry and healthy,” explained Betsy Byker, Success by 6 Program Director of United Way St. Croix Valley. “Families experiencing diaper needs typically have to choose between their basic needs such as food, housing, utilities, or diapers.”

“Diapers and wipes are essential for children’s health, but many families lack the resources to provide for this basic need,” explained Osceola Medical Center’s Family Medicine Provider Jennifer Belisle, MD. “Children without clean diapers are exposed to more potential health risks including yeast infections, bladder infections, and severe diaper rash. We are excited to be partnering with the community and United Way to help local families in need.”

Throughout the month of September, Osceola Medical Center and United Way St. Croix Valley will be hosting a community-wide diaper and human milk drive to help families in need. Diapers from newborn to size 6 along with wipes can be dropped off at multiple locations throughout the Osceola Community: Osceola Medical Center, Dick’s Fresh Market of Osceola, Wild River Fitness, Osceola Public Library and Noah Insurance Group. Due to safety guidelines, all donations of diapers and baby wipes must be in their unopened, original packaging.

Diapers and baby wipes collected will help provide a steady supply of free diapers to poor and low-income families living in the St. Croix Valley through the Open Cupboard in Osceola. Your support helps families gain financial flexibility to focus income on housing and other essential items.

About Osceola Medical Center

OMC is an independent, rural health-care center in Osceola, Wisconsin, that was founded in 1932. Its mission has always been to serve the community with quality health care. Today the medical center consists of more than 35 primary, specialty and emergency care providers, partnering with 11 specialty health organizations to offer the highest quality care with a “one place” convenience for its patients. In an effort to provide the best health-care outcomes, our primary care providers work together with the specialists and other support staff to provide the best experience.

About United Way St. Croix Valley

United Way St. Croix Valley fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in Burnett, Polk, Pierce and St. Croix Counties. Our mission is uplifting people by building relationships, connecting resources, and uniting the St. Croix Valley communities. We partner with local businesses, individuals, and nonprofits to make progress toward our vision that all people in the St. Croix Valley will lead a healthy life, receive quality education, and experience financial stability.

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