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Preventive Care

Preventive care is the work we can do together to help prevent disease and injury. It can range from activities you can do at home, like exercise and nutrition, to regular checkups at a clinic, to catch things before they happen or become serious. As partners in your health, we can work together to help ensure your quality of life.

Caring for your baby can be exciting, wonderful and stressful; sometimes all at once. Managing your baby’s health care can be equally challenging. We know you’ll experience milestones as well as frustrations.

What you need to know if when delivering a baby at OMC.

Many new experiences await you and your toddler as he or she grows into childhood, adolescence and then young adulthood. We recommend well-child checkups every year or two to make sure your child's growth and development are on track. If your child is in sports, we can help with athletic physicals too.

While there seems to be an endless supply of information for women and children, health care information for men is harder to come by.

Regular checkups with your health care provider are great opportunities to address health concerns that may come up, prepare for others through vaccinations or look for those that show no symptoms.

Your health needs will change throughout your life, and you will need health services that can change with them. Together, we can help you navigate the changes you will experience and help you stay healthy so that you can enjoy the exciting times in life.

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