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About Us

Osceola Medical Center has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1932. Throughout our growth, expansion, a new facility and the creation of this campus, OMC’s character has remained the same: to inspire and improve the health and well-being of our community through home-town customer service, quality health care and strategic partnerships.

Searching for health care that fits your needs? Consider Osceola Medical Center, where we strive to inspire and improve the health and well-being of our community through home-town customer service, quality health care and strategic partnerships.

We can say the same things many other medical centers say, that we combine technology, outstanding patient care and friendly service to provide you with the best care possible. Instead, we think our dedication to patients is best summoned up when our patients refer to us as “my OMC”.



Take a minute to recognize any staff member who made a difference for you today and give the gifts of encouragement and appreciation.

Our Family

Community Health Needs Assessment

Osceola Medical Center conducts Community Health Needs Assessments in conjunction with community partners to evaluate and prioritize health concerns in our community. Our implementation strategies aim to help empower the community to solve these concerns and improve population health.

OMC True North Strategic Plan
Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)


Osceola Medical Center is governed by a volunteer board of directors selected from the community. Day-to-day operations are managed by the medical center’s leadership team.

OMC's Executive Leadership Team


Kelly Macken-Marble - Chief Executive Officer
Misty Charlier - Chief Administrative Officer
Megan Sandgren - Chief Reliability Officer

David Frenz, MD - Chief Medical Officer

Board Members


Ann Marie Pueschner - Chairperson
Deborah Peters - Vice-chair
Rebecca Styles - Ed.D, Secretary
Mark Erickson - Treasurer
Tyler Schmidtz
John Clark
John Gearin
Greg Kumlien, DC
Kierstin Justinger
Penny Austad
Amin Uddin
Erik Severson, MD
Felix Blanco, MD, FACS
*Kelly Macken-Marble - Chief Executive Officer
*Misty Charlier - Chief Administrative Officer

*David Frenz, MD - Chief Medical Officer
*Shannon Kratzke - Sr. Executive Assistant
*non-voting member


Join Our PFAC Committee!

At Osceola Medical Center, we want to hear from our patients and their families. As a Patient and Family Advisory Council member, you will be able to share your perspective on how we can improve health care for you, your family, and the community.


All About Appointments

Everything you need to know about scheduling your next appointment, whether scheduling online or coordinating a specialist referral, we've got you covered.

Hours & Contact

Looking to get straight to the brass tacks? Here's where you can find our hours, contact info and location for all corners of OMC. We will get you where you need to go.

Patient Online Services

Managing your health care just got easier, with Patient Portal. Get access to your records, schedule online appointments and chat with your healthcare team.


Our new ClickClinic offers fast, affordable OMC care from anywhere!

What People Are Saying

Emergency Department “This facility was amazing and the service was fast and exactly what I would expect from an emergency room. The nurse and the intake person were amazing and made sure everything was correct and I was comfortable. They even double checked to make sure I was OK while I was walking out. For an emergency room experience it was the best possible experience I could have asked for.”

I LOVE OMC's Walk in Clinic! You have consistently seen me or my loved one over this past year that I have used the clinic so very promptly and kindly and effectively treated us… that's why I keep coming back when I need too, and this time I have had to visit a week ago and again now and I am better because they did stress to me if I did not get better to come back.. I am grateful Thank you.

The staff at OMC were awesome. They coordinated the VA in getting all the necessary forms and authorization to expedite the treatment needed. I could not have asked for a better team of healthcare professionals and support staff.

Specialty Clinic survey: “I am new to the area and recently have been needing many medical appts. I was nervous trying to find a new clinic/hospital. OMC has been amazing. I truly would refer any family member or my kids to this clinic.”

Alyssa Torfin is new to OMC but she's nothing short of spectacular! She listened to every concern I had and talked through several options and what she thought would work best out of those options given my health history. If I could give more than a 10 out of 10 I absolutely would!!

I was genuinely very pleased with my experience. The Dr. was very timely and considerate. She made sure to ask if I had any more questions. You can tell that Dr. Helgerson is a good human as well as being a fantastic doctor. OMC is blessed to have such competent and compassionate professionals.

All my experiences with OMC have been wonderful! Keep doing what your's a winner!

The care and interactions with all areas at omc (diagnostics/imaging, lab) is sincere, warm and very down home! You feel like people really care and are well intentioned about your health.

Dr. Belisle is the best physician that I have ever seen. I truly feel like she cares about me and she always seems so happy to see me. She is one of the many gems that OMC has to offer.

Surgical services survey: Very impressed how smoothly everything was went and how comfortable they made me feel. Have never had a bad experience with OMC. Everyone has always been so kind, thorough and helpful

I was so pleased that I could come as a "walk in" as it was a Friday & I felt lousy enough that I didn't want to wait until after the long weekend. Plus I got medication so I was feeling pretty good by the time the weekend was over. Thanks for still seeing patients without an appointment when they know they are sick.

I think, Osceola Medical Center and all their staff do a fabulous job. I go there and feel comfortable. I feel cared about. They are, from the receptionist to the radiology department, nursing, doctors. They just do a wonderful job of listening and making sure that you're comfortable and cared for, so keep up the good work. I love it there and the hometown feel, the small-town feel, is just oh my gosh, it's like walking into a hug. I love it.

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